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Economic difficulties do not need to lead to the breakdown of the company

Economic difficulties do not need to lead to the breakdown of the company
Companies heading for financial difficulties can often benefit immediately by applying to the right advisors to improve their chances to save the company. With a quick and preventive effort with competent advice from Focus Advokater – in close collaboration with the accountant and bank – the company can often restructure in which the company can continue.
The advice, may among other things, include advice on the structure of the company among these the reinforcement of the management, finance function, the examination of the legal matters of the company, procedures and marketing conditions.

As a standing point, the advising will occur in close collaboration with the company’s existing accountant and bank. To reach a favourable result, it is decisive to take immediate action with efficient advising with a view to maintaining the trust between the company’s business partners, clients etc.
At Focus Advokater, we possess the requisite expertise to help companies in this situation – both by informal credit solutions and formalised corporate reconstructions through probate courts. Please contact us for an informal meeting if you want to know more about the possibilities for your company.

We provide legal advice regarding:
  • Reorganisation
  • Review of the company’s legal issues, procedures and marketing conditions
  • Creditor arrangements
  • Company Charge
  • Composition
  • Formalized restructuring