It is very important to us that our legal advice creates value for our clients and that our expectations with regards to price and services are matched with that of our clients. It is often difficult to fix a total price when first receiving an assignment. We therefore have different price models. When taking on an assignment we find the model that best match the assignment together with the client – or possible a combination of models. We are happy to provide our clients with an estimate of the costs when taking on an assignment, and we will also notify our clients as soon as possible, should total price exceed the estimate. 

According to time spent

The usual price model is to invoice according to time spent. This model ensures an invoice based on the scope and complexity of the assignment and the special competences that have been used to solve the assignment. Hourly rates may vary depending on the employee carrying out the assignment.


Fixed price on the assignment

In situations where the assignment may be fully defined beforehand, we may be able to provide a fixed price for the assignment based on specific conditions.



In situations where we have not agreed on a price model, our fees will be based on a number of parameters:

  • The legal and commercial complexity

  • The expected time spent

  • The special knowledge used

  • The amount of work under time pressure or outside normal business hours.


Costs in connection with the assignment

Assignment related costs and expenses, for example registration and court fees, charges, reasonable travel and accommodation expenses, expenses for large copy and mailing tasks etc. must be paid by the client in addition to the legal fees.

Information regarding legal aid

When taking on an assignment for private persons, we always look into whether you are eligible for legal aid either pursuant to existing legislation or due to any insurance you may have taken out. If fees must be paid on account or at the end of the assignment you will be informed of the principles for fixing the fees etc. However, we reserve the right to decline assignments where the legal fees are covered by private legal aid insurance.


Non-binding offer

You may always contact one of our attorneys for a non-binding conversation regarding a potential assignment. Contact within the various legal areas may be found here.


You may also call our main number +45 63 14 20 20, and we will assist you.