Wills, prenuptial agreements and lasting power of attorney

Specialised Law

A good plan for the next generation

We cannot control our health nor do we control when we depart this world. Carrying out our thoughts and wishes for the future of a company, a property or other assets, especially if we become unable to act on our own, or pass away, requires good and competent advice.

In the event that the owner of a company is in a situation where the health or other matters makes it impossible to fulfil one’s obligations, this can have material consequences for both the company and its surroundings. The latest legislation provides the opportunity to plan what should happen in such situations by the execution of a lasting power of attorney.

The planning of succession both while alive and in the event of death, includes thorough thoughts regarding the execution of will as well as marriage contract.

More and more people choose to live together non-marital and many marriages ends up in separation and divorce. In addition, the number of families with children of different marriages are increasing. The existing legislation has to a certain extent adapted to the new family patterns but it will often be necessary to prepare wills and cohabitation contracts as well as marriage contracts to supplement existing legislation.

Focus Advokater assist clients – both business owners and private persons – with:
  • Advice, preparation and drafting lasting power of attorney
  • Advice, preparation and drawing up wills and marriage contracts