Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Transaction law

Purchase and sale of companies can be a reoccurring part of a company’s life circle and come in many forms


It can be as a part of a succession both within family and for example leading employees purchasing parts of the company. The globalisation has uncovered an increasing demand for consolidation in larger and larger units for the companies to preserve the competitive position. This has caused and will continue to cause many transactions.

Focus Advokater are advisors on either purchaser’s or seller’s side in case of mergers and acquisitions. We have many years of experience with purchase and sale of companies and we have been/and are involved in greater transactions including international transactions. We have great experience and a thorough knowledge of the commercial and human aspects connected to purchase and sale of companies. Focus Advokater ensures that your company has a dynamic and engaged approach to the tasks in which the requisite resources are present to secure a goal-oriented and efficient course. Our advice include all elements of the transaction.

We assist with:
  • Preparing the company for sale through adjustment etc.
  • Analysis and valuation
  • Planning the processes
  • Project managing and management
  • Negotiations
  • Due diligence investigation
  • Preparing the transaction documents
  • Followup after the completion of the transaction