Shipping, offshore and transport

Specialised Law

Maritime law

The shipping business is a complex, international and capital heavy industry

Focus Advokater assists shipping companies, operators, charterers, shipyards, banks and insurance companies with advice in connection to shipping.

Transport law

The company should be optimally secured against lost or delayed goods

Transport law concerns the rules that apply where goods are lost, delayed or damaged during transport. The rules vary depending on the transport form. Among other things, there are short limitation periods and other special rules that the company must know to avoid loss of rights. When damage has been done, it must be established immediately if there is full insurance coverage – and if not, Focus Advokater will assist in assuring the best possible legal position both in Denmark and abroard with assistance from our network of business partners on all continents.

We provide legal advise regarding:

Maritime law:

- Charter parties, pool agreements, offshore agreements etc.
- Establishing shipping companies
- Negotiating shipbuilding contracts
- Questions regarding tonnage tax
- Groundings
- Collisions and recoveries
- Insurance questions
- Confinement to the ship

Transport law:

  • Loading damages
  • Loss and delay of goods
  • Logistic agreements
  • Litigation regarding transport, national and abroad
  • Questions regarding insurance of goods
  • Documentary credit and other credit insurance.