Forced sale

Specialised Law

A number of properties are subject to forced sales where a special set of rules applies

Focus Advokater assists both the big players within the mortgages as well as the smaller mortgagee such as owners’ association who have money at stake in connection with forced sale. Focus Advokater advise on how to best possible ensure ones outstanding debt both here and now as well as in the future. Buying a property at forced sale is often a big step. Conditions may suddenly arise which must be dealt with immediately. Focus Advokater advise potential buyers in this regard just and may also act as representative for the buyer during the bidding at the actual auction as well as aid with the title acquired by the purchaser at a forced sale of property.

We assist with:
  • Advising pledgees
  • Advising buyers on auktion
  • Advising lessees
  • Advising owners