Tax, VAT and excise duties

Specialised Law

Professional and coherent advising

The tax law group at Focus Advokater offers a focused advice, planning and litigation on Danish and international questions on tax law, VAT, customs and duties. In close cooperation with our other specialised groups and external partners, we combine our tax law competences with business and commercial insight to ensure innovative and integrated solutions.

The business community is continuously confronted with issues involving tax law related aspects in a broad sense. Focus Advokater is one of the few law companies that provide advice and try cases within the VAT and tax area. We ensure a professional and coherent counselling to your company in which tax law related conditions enters on equal terms with the other legal disciplines.


We assist with:
  • Tax concerning the formation and reorganisation of a company
  • Tax regarding choice of company form
  • Tax regarding purchase and sale of companies or real estate
  • Reorganisation
  • Estate planning
  • Group and joint taxation
  • Secondment of employees
  • Tax process
  • Personal taxation
  • Contact to the authorities regarding VAT and duty issues
  • Advice regarding VAT and duties in connection with various transactions, including real estate and public projects
  • Advice regarding optimization of VAT, salary bill and duties
  • Ligitation regarding VAT and duties before both the city and district courts.