State aid

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State aid includes the public’s direct or indirect contribution to companies or sectors

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on state aid. Companies that have received unjustified aid from public authorities – but in good faith – risk having to pay back the state aid with interest, even if the authorities have paid the subsidies in good faith. Furthermore, competitors to a recipient may bring actions for the damages they have suffered because the recipient has obtained an illegal competitive advantage by accepting the aid. It is therefore decisive that the state aid solution is correct and legally structured from the beginning.

Focus Advokater assist both public authorities and public companies as well as private companies and have great experience within all areas of state aid law including structuring and arranging state aid solutions as well as cases regarding return of aid and compensation for a competitors receipt of support.

The business area “state aid law” belongs under Focus Advokater’s department for competition law. The department is well-established as a leading legal adviser for companies in inland and foreign countries within all areas of the competition law.

Our advice

It is our vision to provide legal advice with a commercial focus to help protect your company’s interests in the best possible way. We aid to understand your business, the situation of the state aid law and the challenges that your company might face. That is why our advice is not restricted to the legal aspects within the competition law but include customised strategies that contribute to competitive advantages within the market.

We provide high quality legal advice and assistance regarding
  • Assessment of state aid schemes
  • Structuring and organizing state aid schemes
  • Notification and registration of state aid schemes
  • Complaints regarding state aid
  • Legalization of illegal state aid
  • Repayment of state aid
  • Actions for damages regarding receipt of state aid.
Michael Clemmensen

Michael Clemmensen

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Jesper Kruse Markvart

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