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The protection of personal data play an increasing role in society. In Denmark, we have had rules on the protection of “registers” since the 1970’s. In year 2000, the rules were tightened and the protection of the personal data were elevated to a human right in the EU. However, the main development was in April 2016 when the EU agreed on imposition of a common EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on 25 May 2018. With the General Data Protection Regulation, the rules were ones again tightened and so was the enforcement and the level of fines.

Focus Advokater has a team of specialists who have detailed incoming knowledge of the rules regarding processing personal data and are experience in converting profound theoretical knowledge about personal data rules in connection with practical solutions that are applicable for the individual company. Among other things, we have helped our clients with following projects:

  • The role as permanent external data protection officer (DPO)
  • Ongoing co-operation
  • General advising about rules on personal data
  • Notifications, applications and complaints at the Danish Data Protection Agency
  • Tailored workshop with the company’s key personnel
  • Preparation and revision of agreements on data processing units
  • Preparation of privacy policies, IT-safety policy, consents etc.
  • Lectures by the company’s employees
  • Handling of personal data on group-wide level
  • Special rules on transferring data out of the EU
  • Adjustment of personal data in IT-contracts
  • Preparation of compliance report including concrete recommendations to compliance with the requirements of competent authorities.


Package solutions for companies and institutions

Focus Advokater has developed three package solutions that you can read more about below.

The solutions benefit from our experiences gained from previous projects about the General Data Protection Regulation but are tailored to the individual company’s needs. The middle-package and the complete-package are well tried and have focus on converting the legal counselling to practical applicable solutions.

Do you want to know more about our package solutions, including prices and estimates etc., please contact, Ph.D. Jesper Løffler Nielsen on phone number +45 6314 4511 or on

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