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Competition and procurement law

Specialised Law

Sharpened rules demand greater focus within the companies

The strict enforcement of both the Danish competition legislation and EU competition law combined with the very serious sanctions (among others the possibility for imprisonment of senior staff) entail that the competition law is a field in which all companies must make an effort to abide. However, competition law does not only provide your company with challenges – but it also provides opportunities.

Focus Advokater’s department of competition law is well-established as a leading counsellor to companies in Denmark and abroad within all areas of the competition law.


Our service

It is our vision to provide legal advice with a commercial perspective ensuring that your company’s interests are handled in the best possible way. We acquaint ourselves with your business, the situation of the competition law and the challenges your company might face. That is why our counselling is not restricted to the legal aspects within the competition law but include customised strategies that contribute to competitive advantages within the market.

We provide high quality legal advice and assistance regarding:
  • Vertical agreements, for example selective distribution and exclusive distribution

  • Horizontal agreements, for example specialization agreements and research and development agreements
  • Joint venture agreements

  • Consortium partnerships regarding public and private tenders
  • Non-Disclosure and license agreements regarding intellectual property rights

  • Inspections/Dawn Raids

  • Immunity and mitigation of punishment
  • Providing and submitting defense against complaints to the Competition authorities or the Commission
  • Dominating companies’ position, for example prices, reductions and refusal to supply.
  • Actions for damages due to violation of the competition rules
  • Drafting compliance programs
  • Targeted training of the companies’ employees, ensuring that the competition rules are implemented in the company culture.
  • Competition law issues in connection with purchase and sale of companies.
  • State aid

Jesper Kruse  Markvart

Jesper Kruse Markvart

Partner, attorney-at-law, LL.M. in Competition Law and Economics Learn more
Michael Clemmensen

Michael Clemmensen

Partner, attorney-at-law, certified arbitrator Learn more