Conflict law

We can prevent the conflict from gaining ground

Disputes and lawsuits – and conflicts altogether – are inevitable in a dynamic society. At Focus Advokater, we believe that we can make a difference and that good legal work either prevents a conflict from spreading or close the conflict faster. Our procedure experience and the special expertise connected to litigation before the  Supreme Court are important qualifications in order to advise your company about the expected outcome of a lawsuit.

With Focus Advokater on your side, you have assured both counselling during the conflict and the overall view of the consequences of the case in connection to the company’s further operation and development. We know that both you, your employees and the company must go on after the conflict. This is an essential aspect of our advising.


We handle:
  • Litigation before the city and district courts as well as supreme court cases
  • Injunction and attachment proceedings, typically regarding IPR infringements and rapid preservation of claims
  • Taking evidence and expert valuation
  • Appeals
Jakob  Juul-Sandberg

Jakob Juul-Sandberg

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Maria Lolch B. Kristensen

Maria Lolch B. Kristensen

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