Dispute resolution - Mediation

Mediation can be utilised in all kinds of disputes

Mediation ensures that the parties through a structured process, mediation ensures that the parties uncover the scale of the conflict, identify possible solutions and agree to a solution.

The control of the conflict remains with the parties during the mediation. The mediation attorney is neutral.


Mediation is

  • optional; contrary to a court- or arbitration case, which the parties may be forced to participate in
  • formless; it is not rules, claims and practices that determine the outcome but the parties’ needs and (good)will
  • confidential; all that occurs remains between the parties and the mediator
  • centred; in needs rather than narrow rights
  • future-oriented; fixed to solve the conflict now and in the future.

Mediation can be used in all sorts of conflicts. It can be conflicts that arise between business owners who are otherwise left to the court or arbitration.

Mediation is fast and concentrated. Most conflicts can be solved in one day.

At Focus Advokater, partner and attorney Søren Borregaard has completed the Danish mediator education. Furthermore, Søren Borregaard is permanently attached to Odense district court as mediator.