Property transactions

Specialised Law

The attorney is your only unprejudiced advisor when purchasing a house

Most private persons only purchase a house a few times in their lives, and the trade often has great significance for the private economy. At Focus Advokater, we ensure that the first priority is your interests when purchasing a house.

In recent years, the market for house transactions has been centered around an often close collaboration between real estate agents, financial institutions, mortgage lenders and insurance companies.

The new times make the attorney’s role, if possible, even more important than before. Today the attorney is the only independent player in the real estate market and at Focus Advokater, we can contribute legal advice on all relevant matters from home condition reports to pollution and funding.

We provide advice on:

- Review of purchase agreements
- Property condition survey
- Change of ownership insurance
- Energy efficiency
- Financing, hedging and tax
- Obtaining and reviewing relevant property information and documents

- Preparing and processing the final deed
- Preparing the completion statement
- Releasing deposits with bank and real estate agent
- Registered restrictive covenants and liabilities
- Need for will, marriage contract etc.
- Co-ownership agreement