Leases and rental agreements

Company law

Prevent unpleasant consequences when purchasing and selling tenanted properties

Traditionally, the tenancy law has been viewed as a very difficult field to understand and the economic consequences of errors of judgement in connection to tenancy law are often extensive. When purchasing and selling rental  properties it is vital that the tenancy law foundation is valid. Problems connected to the tenancy law often require quick and competent assessment, evidence assurance and obtainment of evidence. At Focus Advokater, you get the expertise needed to provide the right legal advice.


We provide legal advice regarding:
  • Entering lease agreements
  • Regulating lease agreements
  • Rent increase/decrease
  • Termination/cancellation of lease agreement
Jakob  Juul-Sandberg

Jakob Juul-Sandberg

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Jacob Fabritius de Tengnagel

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