Debt collecting

Company law

Efficient and specialised debt collection

At Focus Advokater, debt collection is prioritised as an independent area of business.

The result is a high-specialised debt collection department in which you can receive counsel and guidance at any time in relation to your company’s unresolved issues. Each case receives individual and efficient handling to ensure that every possible move is done to collect your claim.

Did you know:

  • That collection notice and debt collection letter only costs DKK 800.
  • That it is not necessary to direct three reminders before the case is taken to debt collection.
  • That there can be carried out distress in a tenant’s deposit.
  • That collection of a higher interest rate than the penal interest requires agreement with the debtor. Higher interest rate can only be agreed with business owners – not with consumers.


We provide advice within:

- Debt collection
- Forced sale
- Eviction of tenants that do not pay their rent or live up to other obligations

- Repossessing leased items and the subsequent financial issues
- Repossessing chattels personal sold with retention of property
- Legal proceedings.